Hispanic Physician IPA

Welcome to the Hispanic Physician IPA

Our Mission is to improve the quality of health in the communities that we serve through education and by providing a compassionate and caring health care services.

Company History

The Hispanic Physician IPA  (HPIPA) has been in business since 1988 and it was formed as the Staff Model IPA, by Dr. Daniel Dunkelman.  As the premier IPA, it is well known in the Hispanic community and provides a quality, cost effective health care services for the Hispanic community, not only through its clinics but also through the Hispanic Physician IPA. The HPIPA covers physicians’ from Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Kern Counties. It has its outreach Programs to not only communicate with the entire population but also educate them on health related issues that affects the community.

Since the inception of the IPA, all our clinics and the IPA have been contracted with a number of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), PPOs and many other Private Insurances  in all the four counties. All our HMO Networks, in all four counties, are fully staffed with all required specialists panel to complement the strong Primary Care Physician network.

Mission and Statement

Our Mission is to improve the quality of healthcare in our communities, by providing health education as well as preventive, and medical care. We are characterized by our compassionate and caring approach that brings a personalized touch to our members health needs.

Authorization services are based on medical necessity and appropriateness of care. Utilization Management Program with Policies and Procedures, as well as Clinical Criteria on which decision was based on are available upon request. Please call the UM department at: (888) 474-7212 or TTY (888) 960-9515.

The Hispanic Physician IPA